Halloween is possibly my favorite holiday, surpassing even Christmas and Thanksgiving. When you’re a christian child Christmas is always the favorite holiday because you get presents, it wins by default, but as I’ve grown older and have my own money receiving presents starts to fade in comparison to giving presents, and I don’t need a holiday as an excuse to give presents. So sometime around the end of my high school days Halloween was suddenly the one I looked forward to the most, and that feeling has only intensified since then.

I’m not entirely sure why, but I love costumes. If the costume has a mask it’s even better. Something about not looking like yourself for a change is very liberating, and once a mask is added you may as well be anonymous, which just adds to it. In recent years I’ve started deciding what I’m going to be for Halloween at least a month in advance. For a while I stuck to classic monsters and there were three years in college where I did zombie, followed by vampire, and then werewolf. The year after I graduated I continued the classic monster tradition with mummy, but have yet to do Frankenstein’s monster as an adult. Knowing so far in advance was great because it gave me so much time to plan. I’m a big fan of those cheesy make-up kits because they’re cheap and if you use them well they can be very effective. I’d typically buy two or three kits and do my make-up at least once before Halloween to get the hang of it, though my werewolf still turned out looking like I was a cast member for Cats.

It also doesn’t hurt that Halloween is in Autumn, which is by far my favorite season. It’s not uncomfortably cold, but chilly enough to justify snuggling up next to the person you love, the fall leaves turn every tree into a fiery explosion of beauty, and the rustle of dried leaves is comforting in a way that is only surpassed by light rain on a tin roof. Then as an added bonus you get to drink hot apple cider and eat lots of pumpkin bread and sweat potato pie. How can you beat that? Only with the fact that pumpkin ale (the most delicious of all seasonal ales) is also available in several varieties.

Now lets talk about candy. I love it. And I have an unnatural weakness for candy corn; I literally will eat two or three bags of the stuff in October alone. I know that technically you can find it year-round if you know where to look, but that would be like drinking eggnog in the summer: totally unacceptable. The seasonal availability of these items is what makes them so special! Also, who doesn’t love having a bunch of “fun-sized” candy bars laying around? A snickers or baby-ruth any time I want it? Yes please. A lot of people say they gain weight over the holidays, but for me it’s different. The last two years I have actually lost weight in the winter, but by the end of Autumn you can bet your mothers fat ass that my fat ass is bigger than it was in the summer.

This year is going to be legendary. My good friend and brother-in-law Tim suggested that him, Lori, Lindsey, and I could dress up as the Warriors of Light from the original Final Fantasy. We all immediately loved the idea and what makes it even better is that there’s a lot of creative interpretation that can go on here. Eight bit sprites leave a lot to the imagination, not to mention that there are more than four characters to choose from so it was easy for us all to pic something we would want to be. We eventually decided that Tim would be fighter, I would be thief, Lori would be white mage, and Lindsey would be black mage. There was never a debate over who would be whom, because we’re awesome and have varied yet compatible personalities. We each picked the warrior we wanted to dress as and no one picked the same one. We havn’t finalized our plans for that evening (or weekend since Halloween falls on a Monday), but it’s assumed that moderate to heavy drinking will be involved. Everyone has already begun working on their costumes.