It has been a while. I can only hope this picture acts as a small apology and gift to everyone for putting up with my lack of updates.

First I had the busiest work week ever imaginable, and due to a sorted turn of events, I worked it alone. That had me pretty burnt out. Then I had family in town for a week. It was great to have my husbands parents here, and we had a blast! However it left NO time to work on the comic ( they were sleeping in my work room.) Then ANOTHER terrible week at work and several New Years parties rounded out the most hectic year end in my memory.

After the dust cleared I felt terrible having missed several weeks of updates. So I decided to do something special of epic proportions. The above picture was started over a year ago when listening to some epic rock music and watching Justin play a game that uses music to rev up the difficulty. The game, called “Beat Hazard”, is A LOT like asteroids but much more colorful and has your music pumping through it. It is a fun game, and it gave me the idea for this. I was listening to ‘Knights of Cydonia’ by Muse. I dusted this off last week and said to myself “I will make this worthy of my friends and readers!” I can only hope I succeeded. It took around 20 hours all together to complete. Most of which was spent learning and making the background. Yes… the space in the background was 100% from scratch by me, no photo stock. Justin helped with a a lot of the color choices because, in the end, my creativity isn’t that vast. I spent a fair amount of the time turning to him and saying “What color should her hair be?” He also was a major help with prospective, which is my WEAKEST spot when it comes to art. I utterly stink at making my art have depth, so he was there to point out what needed tweaking.

Thanks Love!

I will have this in the extras section later today as several sizes of wallpaper for your desktops! Thank you all for being so understanding through everything. Feel free to use this on your computer for free with my blessing! I do, however, ask if you show it to anyone on or offline that I am given credit. I did put some work into this.