Motivation has always been a little bit of an issue for me. Lindsey know’s this better than anyone. I have a bad habit of starting projects with grand intentions and loosing interest in it before I even really get started. Knowing this about myself means that I have to be extra careful when I’m about to make a big purchase to make sure that it’s not just another impulse buy.

The most recent and ridiculous example of this is rabit hunting. I don’t even remember how it started, but a few months ago I became very interested in hunting rabits. I learned that in England, where individuals can’t own firearms, they hunt rabits with high powered air rifles. I started watching videos of people hunting and it looked like so much fun. I started researching air rifles and saw that they weren’t extremely expensive and then started researching hunting laws to see what kind of permit I would need and when I could hunt. I even watched tutorials of how to skin and prepare a rabit after hunting.

To put this all in perspective: I have never been hunting. Not even once. Lindsey tried to be the voice of reason and tell me that I shouldn’t buy a rifle, or at least not until it was hunting season! But I was too excited. Every day I would do more research and get more excited about it. Obviously I should buy my rifle now so that I have plenty of time to practice before hunting season is here! I purchased the rifle, and as of today I have practiced with it about three times. I have no plans to purchase a hunting license. On the other hand it does give me peice of mind to know that if there’s ever a threatening dog or a rattle snake too close to my house I have something to use.

When we first started the comic I think Lindsey thought the same thing would happen with this. It was a reasonable assumption really, given my history of full blown excitement followed by complete disinterest, but I stuck with it, probably in large part because she’s doing it with me. Lately however it’s getting harder to stay motivated about this as well. I remember after Fanaticon we were extatic and ready to hit the ground running, but the reality of working full-time jobs and having hobbies aside from this webcomic meant that time was short. For a while I was working on refining Lindsey’s T-shirt designs, but neither of us have any experience working with vector images, and the rastor drawings just weren’t cutting it. I followed my usual cycle of activity. Watching tutorials, reading tips, trying it out with limited success, and loosing interest.

This is my first blog post without a comic in three weeks. I’m not going to make any grand promises about updating more often, or working on merchandise or anything like that. I just wanted to make sure I had a blog post for this week, and whining about not being motivated was the first thing that came to mind. So expect a comic every Monday, a blog post most thursdays, and maybe one day we’ll be bored enough to work on other stuff as well.