Thank you all for the kind comments and emails I’ve received over the past few weeks. There’s been some great encouragement, as well as some very understanding webcomic fans. For everyone who is a fan of the comic, and everyone who has checked on the site in the last few weeks, I apologize, for the nature of my previous post.

The fact is that we’ve had a lot of fun publishing this webcomic, but it hasn’t been cheap to do so. On top of hosting fees, and our attempts at advertising, it has been a huge drain on our already limited free time. Recently we’ve been busier than ever, and keeping up with our relationship, our friends, our jobs, and our other hobbies was simply overwhelming when we added in the workload of this webcomic. For everyone that has a full-time job and full-time life and still manages to keep up with a webcomic: I salute you.

It hurts us to say that we’re not going to keep this going. Lindsey and I are both people that hate giving up, and really hate letting people down, so this wasn’t an easy decision for us. The fact is that we’re still not sure if this is really the end. Lindsey has suggested changing the format to a more manageable three-panel strip, or possibly having a looser update schedule, but honestly how things have been the last two or three weeks we couldn’t have updated even if the strips were smaller.

Until further notice, the comic is on an indefinite hiatus. Right now I can’t say whether or not there will be another update, but again: thank you for your support.